As a major partner in the almost year long process of reconstructing my gums and teeth, Dr. Farris has been incredible. The results speak for themselves. I have healthy “new” tissue supporting all the implants and bridges. Dr. Farris and his team have been focused and professional yet personal and caring. Their aftercare attention has been a very important factor in my successful outcome. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Farris and sincerely believe that there is no better periodontal care in Sarasota. – TA

We never thought we would be writing a letter of appreciation and praise to a periodontist and his staff, but then again, we had never been fortunate enough to get the care of anyone like Dr. N. Joseph Farris or those on his team.

When we first called Dr. Farris’ office, we knew we were in need of expert help but a lifetime of less-than-acceptable dental experiences (periodontal, most of all) had been left us wary and worried. Our gums needed attention and our concerns needed to be answered.

Happily, within the first moments of our contact with his staff, both problems were being addressed.

The genuine concern of Dr. Farris’ office team, immediately put us at ease, and at our first appointment, we knew we had found the right place for all of our future periodontal care.

From the first, Dr. Farris’ intelligence, skill, and expertise were evident. His examination was thorough and painless, his assistant, competent and clearly experienced. The periodontal work that followed was carefully planned and, for each of us, we were welcomed into the decision-making process and given all of the information that would help us know that we were in control of all financial and medical decisions. The surgery we required was clearly justified and Dr. Farris and his team made certain that we were kept informed of the details of the procedure and our own aftercare.

For each of us, the surgery was surprisingly easy, with virtually no discomfort and no downtime from our busy lives. Had we needed it, help was only a phone call away, day or night, though neither of us experienced any need for assistance of any kind.

Best of all, the results were remarkable. Our gums healed – better than new! Healthy teeth, formally imbedded in unhealthy gum tissue, began to thrive once again and were saved!

Follow-up visits to Dr. Farris’ dental hygienists for regular cleanings have proven just as positive and valuable an experience.

Thanks to Dr. Farris’ expert help, and that of his caring and professional team, we have remained pain-free and, for the first time in the many years prior to finding him, we rest easy, knowing that we were are in the good hands (literally!), and that we are taking good, good care of ourselves.

With appreciation and warmest regards, Drs. R and RH

The purpose of this letter is to commend you on your staff, on your organization, and on your own professional abilities.

I was impressed with your staff from the first time I went to your offices several years ago on recommendation from my Dentist. Everyone not only looks clean and neat and professional, but they conduct themselves accordingly in a quiet and friendly manner, and are all well informed in their area of expertise. It seems like a well greased wheel running effortlessly and harmoniously. That feeling comes across to the patients from the moment one is greeted as one steps through the doors.

Now, as for you, my dear Doctor Gonzalez … it was a sincere pleasure to meet you! you are a compassionate, concerned, ‘on-top-of-your-game’, humorous, intelligent, easy-to-talk-to, modest, and very skilled surgeon! Allow me to tell you how nice it is to meet someone with all these qualities and assets wrapped up in one fine bundle. I would like to congratulate you on having found your passion professionally, as it is obvious that you certainly love what you do — and it shows!

May your practice continue to flourish

Respectfully, PKB

I was very pleased with the results of the soft tissue gum graft surgery for seven of my teeth. I believe that much of my success is due to Dr. Gonzalez’s expertise, experience, and technique. He is truly a wonderful periodontist, very gentle and compassionate. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and anyone else in Sarasota. – SG

I am nearly at the completion of a total “mouth” restoration. I have had numerous surgeries, all performed by Dr. Gonzalez. I have been very impressed by the end results!!! Problems solved, beautiful, natural appearance. I also have been amazed at how little discomfort I have experienced during this process and how little time has been lost from my usual life activities! The staff members at Sarasota Periodontal are just wonderful, caring and accommodating. It has been a very worthwhile experience! – BB

I had several surgeries performed at Sarasota Periodontal and I can say that all the results were outstanding. Dr. Farris and his team do care before, during and after surgery. All in all, an excellent experience! – CR

“I am a Periodontist in Vermont for 33 years. My dad was a Periodontist in Boston for 50 years. So you can imagine how particular we were when we had to choose a periodontal office in Florida for my Mom’s surgery and care!

Our experience with Dr. Sharma was fantastic. Periodontal procedures are understandably stressful for patients and family members. My mom was no exception. But Dr.Sharma and her assistant Shanin were amazing. The care and compassion, the skill and communication and the one on one kindness went far beyond all expectations.

Basically if you are looking for the finest periodontal care available in Florida then look no more. This is the place. Dr. Sharma and Shanin are the team to see.

What better recommendation can you get than from two other Periodontists with 83 combined years of experience who chose Dr. Sharma to treat their own family?!” – Dr. S

“I had surgery by Dr. Sharma two weeks ago on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 and could not be happier with Dr. Sharma and the staff at the Sarasota location. My first appointment in February was to meet Dr. Sharma, and to go over the details of what was needed. My pre-op appointment was on April 10th where I received prescriptions including one for a compounded rinse, as well as pre-printed explicit directions on what was needed to be done and when following my surgery. My preparation leading up to surgery was more involved than most as I have a genetic bleeding disorder and she took all of that into consideration. I had a skin transplant with donor tissue added to my gums, which Dr. Sharma felt would allow me to heal more quickly. Dr. Sharma’s demeanor and attitude is probably the best I have had in a medical professional. I knew how to get in contact with her at any time. The office checked in with me several times the week following my procedure to make sure I was not having any problems. They all proved to me that they are not only professional of the highest form, but also compassionate and empathetic and I would highly recommend Dr. Sharma and the staff at Sarasota Periodontists.”

“Dr. Sharma is amazingly thorough. She gave an accurate diagnosis of a complicated dental problem. Her kindness, knowledge, professionalism and expert skills in dental procedures are greatly appreciated. I’m recommending her to my husband and friends.” – LB

“Very friendly professional staff and Dr. Sharma is delightful. Very professional, patient centered care. She explains procedures, performs with expertise checking often to see that I was comfortable (as can be expected in a dental chair) and follow-up great. Highly recommend Dr. Sharma and the Office.” – JT

“Dr. Sharma and her staff are awesome! She is an excellent oral surgeon and her staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Sharma called me personally the day after surgery to check on me. I highly recommend her.” – JP

“I was referred to Dr. Sharma as over the years my gums have receded to the point I needed a gum graph. My wife had this procedure done years ago in Nevada and it was a dreadful and painful experience. Needless to say I was extremely nervous but had no choice but to get this done. Dr. Sharma and her team were extremely knowledgeable, professional and caring! I never experienced ONE DAY of pain after this procedure and my tooth sensitivity has completed vanished!!! If you’re needing this type of procedure I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Sharma and elated with the results. As a matter of fact my wife is going back next year to have this procedure done. Thank you Dr. Sharma and team for a job well done.” – GB

“This is an outstanding periodontal practice and I should know – I’m a dentist. Besides offering the latest techniques and therapies, the office staff is finely attuned to customer service and the needs of the patient. The doctors are outstanding and the hygienists are extremely gentle and thorough. Periodontal care requires a long term commitment and prospective patients would be wise to choose this exceptional practice. Highly recommended!” – Dr. E